Dr. Patricia Lyons Ph.D., LISW-S
Executive Director

Dr. Pat Lyons has 30 years of experience advocating on behalf of vulnerable populations in both clinical management and leadership. Dr. Lyons’ research interest is in the intersection of health promotion and education to health outcomes within minority communities and how legislative processes address public health issues. On December 13, 2017, Dr. Lyons joined CERIIDD as the new Executive Director responsible for leading the charge in transforming lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Dr. Lyons is the President of the Association of Black Social Workers, Columbus (OH) chapter. She served as the Vice-President of the Executive Board of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC), served on the Board for the  Family Violence Prevention Council, the Diversity Board for Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), and the Coalition for Family Violence School-based Task Force, and The Buckeye Ranch. Dr. Lyons earned her B.A. in Rehabilitation Counseling from Wilberforce University, her MSW from The Ohio State University, and her Ph.D. in Public Health from Walden University.


Mark Davis
Senior Advisory to the Board

Mr. Davis has over thirty years of executive and management experience within the human services industry.   As Senior Advisor to the Board of CERIIDD, he consults nationally on public and private on policy, strategy, and operational issues relevant to CERIIDD’s mission. Mark is also the President of the Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA) and the OPRA Foundation. He co-chairs Advocates for Ohio’s Future, a broad-based health and human services coalition of over 480 organizations. He is actively involved with the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR), a national advocacy group for private providers of IDD services and state associations. He is on the board of the Foundation for Talbert House and the House of Hope in Ohio. Mr. Davis earned his Bachelors degree in early and middle childhood experience from The Ohio State University and his Master’s in counseling from Youngstown State University.




Dr. Lisa Mathis Ph.D.
Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Lisa Mathis has spent over a decade overseeing, improving and expanding employment, residential, adult day, and children services for a comprehensive provider in NW Arkansas. She has also written and coauthored several publications, all focusing on disability. At CERIIDD, Dr. Mathis ensures the CERIIDD team gets appropriate resources and operates efficiently to maximize the impact on the lives of people with IDD. Dr. Mathis is also the Director of Employment and Health Services at the Ohio Provider Resource Association. Dr. Mathis is a member of the Association of People Supporting EmploymentFirst (APSE) Ohio Chapter Board of Directors. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling at Kent State University. Dr. Mathis also holds a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation from the University of Arkansas.




Dr. Maryse Amin Ph.D.
Director of Research

Dr. Maryse Amin has an extensive and diverse background in clinical research with children and adults, developing and implementing study designs and analyzing results for platform presentations and peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Amin evaluates the current utilization and feasibility of the health care system for individuals with I/DD and leads the CERIIDD research team in improving health care access and long-term services and supports for individuals with I/DD. She has an invested interest in improving health care disparities for individuals with I/DD at the State and Federal level. She has engaged in numerous national platform presentations where she has participated in insightful interaction with academic colleagues and promoting research collaboration. Her research focuses on examining the effects of environmental toxicants on oral health outcomes in vulnerable populations. Her public health interests and experience extend globally to eventually improve health care systems of vulnerable populations living in regions with widespread barriers to health care access.  Dr. Amin holds a Ph.D in Epidemiology from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.



Christine Touvelle
Assistant Director of Research

Ms. Touvelle has seven years of experience with individuals with I/DD. Ms. Touvelle leads the implementation of CERIIDD’s business intelligence tools and data visualization, assists with data analysis, and leads the authoring of CERIIDD’s Data Briefs. During her senior year she wrote an honors thesis on the nutrition for individuals with I/DD across different settings and exploring how policy and other factors shape the food environment of individuals with I/DD. She is also a Policy Analyst at the Ohio Provider Resource Association. Christine recently graduated from The Ohio State University with her Bachelor’s in Social Work and is currently enrolled in the University of Oklahoma’s Master’s of Legal Studies in Health Care Law program.





Sonya Summers
Administrative Assistant

Sonya has over 20 years of experience in the administrative field. She helps provide administrative, clerical, and office management support to the CERIIDD team. Ms. Summers also assists the CERIIDD team with data input and formatting. Ms. Summers served as the Administrative Assistant to the League Commissioner of GameTimeSportz, a non-profit organization that provides sport activities, regardless of abilities, to kids ages 3-14. Sonya is also the Member Communications Manager at the Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA).